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Sporty Dog Creations is a mom and daughter team with a passion for food and sports.  Putting these two things together have allowed us to have fun enjoying the work we do through serving quality food and service.

We are making food fun again!  Our dogs are a welcomed and engaging conversation of how good food tastes and it is all derived from our “sport your dog” concept where we engage consumers to build their own dog to personal taste from our Delight Dog topped with strawberries, arugula and feta cheese to our hometown Ravens Dog, with red cabbage curry slaw and caramelized onions.

Many consumers are not only excited by the customized hot dog experience but also that our dogs are handcrafted and not manufactured which is the highlight of eating good food.  We assume the making of every dog in our kitchen to ensure the quality of food we serve.

No other hot dog or brat receives the attention we give to ensure we are meeting quality standards, not because we are in business but because we also love eating good, quality food that can be accessible in every and all consumer markets. Good food should not only taste good but should leave a fulfilling experience from the first bite to the last. 

 Try our beef or vegan dog and go for the gusto! We highly encourage you to sport your dog!



My wife met you at the market and loved your hot dogs! Thanks!
— Daniel Schmidt
Had my first sporty dog creations all beef hot dog today at the farmers market and it was amazing!
— Connie Valkenburg July 2018
Sporty Dogs are the best delicious all natural hot dogs you got to try one.
— Wanda Kimball